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Greater Helsinki is a thriving business-friendly location situated in the heart of the Baltic Sea region. It includes the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen, Vantaa and the rest of the Uusimaa region. In fact, 70% of all foreign companies working in Finland are operating from here.

The Greater Helsinki Business Ecosystem attracts the most successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts. It is also attractive to many young people aspiring to start their own business.

Helsinki has everything you need: well-developed infrastructure, numerous business hubs, a variety of office space and coworking centers. Prominent business forums are being held here on a regular basis.

The journey from St. Petersburg to Helsinki takes less than 3.5 hours by Allegro high-speed train and only an hour by airplane. From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, you can fly directly to many European destinations, USA and Asia.

It is a truly remarkable region to scale and expand your business internationally.

The largest startup hub in Europe

Helsinki is like a massive laboratory. Many innovations and technologies initially introduced here, are later adopted by other megacities of the world: London, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona. Finns are not afraid to invest in research and development. This sort of receptiveness to everything “new” is what makes Helsinki a perfect location should you wish to test your business ideas in a foreign environment.

About 4,000 new startups are emerging in Finland every year. In order to support this spirit, a dynamic, business friendly ecosystem has been created in the city: business development and innovation support agencies, numerous acceleration programs and incubators. Entrepreneurs from Russia have the opportunity to receive a grant to start a new business and join free coworking space, such as Maria 0.1, Startup Sauna, Terkko Health Hub. Northern Europe largest startup conferences Slush and Arctic15 are held in Helsinki every year. It is a perfect opportunity to meet investors, introduce yourself and your project.

For startup owners with high potential who are not EU citizens, Finland issues special start-up visas – “Startup Permit”, that includes a residence permit and Startup Kit – special set allowing entrepreneurs to begin operations in Finland.

Assured head start and sustainable development

Start your business in a country of sustainable development and equal opportunities. Ranked among the leading group of countries in terms of per capita GDP, Finland also boasts low-cost funding and one of the lowest levels of corruption in the world. The state actively supports small business: 9 out of 10 companies are small enterprises employing 1 to 9 people. 3% of those companies were founded by foreigners, including Russian citizens.

Finland is ranked 5th among 82 countries of the world according to the business environment ranking 2018–2022 compiled by The Economist magazine experts. This rating is compiled using 10 different criteria, including the political situation in the country, macroeconomics, market opportunities, government policy in place ensuring freedom of enterprise and competition, foreign investment levels, taxation policies, and the labor market.

In 2018, Finland-based startups and new companies have been able to attract a record 479 million euros in investments. Of these, 208 million euros came from the foreign investors.

Best city to live

Among 150 cities in the world, Helsinki was nominated the best city to live for families with children. Experts accounted for key indicators such as the cost of living in relation to the family income, unemployment level, public safety, air quality and medical care.

Finland offers a wide range of opportunities not only for work but also for recreation and leisure time. With its many theatres, museums and concert halls, Helsinki is always in the center of Finland’s cultural scene and activities. City’s six restaurants have been awarded Michelin stars.

Ecology is always our key priority

Finland is also known as one of the most environmentally friendly countries in Europe. Its well-developed infrastructure designed for outdoor activities offers various degrees of extreme: from fishing and sauna to snowboarding and rafting.

In 2020, Finland led the rating of the happiest countries in the world for the third time in a row, and Helsinki was named the happiest city in the world.

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